• CAST:Eguchi Yosuke, Hagiwara Masato, Hayashi Kento, Matobu Sei
  • 江口洋介 萩原聖人 林遣都 真飛聖 / 勝村政信 佐藤B作 矢島健一 三浦誠己 霧島れいか 板垣瑞生 大河内浩 品川徹 田中健 / 佐野史郎 光石研 平田満 岸部一徳

OFFICIAL SITE: Shingari [しんがり]


Yamaichi Securities was once one of the big four major stockbrokerage firms in Japan. In November 1997, the company had self-declared that it will cease operations. This is due to the uncovering of the fraudulent schemes the company was running, in order to hide the fact that they had lost more than 200 billion yen of 10 of their major clients’ monies. This drama showcases how the company’s own internal compliance/audit team tried to uncover the truths behind all the window dressing of the accounts.

Kajii Tatsuhiko was the Managing Director of Yamaichi Securities when he was suddenly transferred to the Headquarter’s Operations Administration department. As the role of the department is to perform an independant audit on the company’s operations, the office is actually located in a different building from the main office. Nicknamed as the boondocks where demoted people are sent off to, on his first at work in his new office, Kajii is told they are to be audited by the SESC (Securities and Exchange Surveillance Commission). During those times, within the financial industry, many are resorting to profit racketeering schemes. Kajii then announces that he will be carrying out investigations together with the Sales Audit Department’s Hanase, his staff Nakanishi and the secretary Gamo. In the midst of the investigation, they discover material proof of the Internal Audit department’s Takimoto and Yoshioka being involved in such racketeering schemes.

The chairman, Arihara seems to be not too worried over the SESC probe, but the Vice President seems to be all jittery over it. Suspecting that something is afoot within the top brass, Kajii and his colleague Hayashi, try to get to the bottom of what they are hiding.


(In Japanese)


(Source: WOWOW)