WOWOW TV DRAMA: Futagashira 2 (ふたがしら 2) BGM (音楽): SOIL & “PIMP” SESSIONS


CAST: Kenichi Matsuyama, Saotome Taichi

OFFICIAL SITE: Futagashira 2 (ふたがしら 2) 

SYNOPSIS: 2nd season of popular drama based on manga Futagashira by Ono Natsume.

(Synopsis from 1st season

Benzo  (Kenichi Matsuyama) and Soji (Taichi Saotome) work together at a delivery agency. The delivery agency actually consists of thieves and they call themselves Akame. Their group robs dirty money from the corrupt. The leader of Akame is Tatsugoro. Benzo and Soji both adore him. One day, Tatsugoro holds Benzo and Soji’s hands and tells them “I leave Akame to you” and then dies. Tatsugoro’s wife shows his will that says something different. In his will, Jinzaburo is the one who inherits. Benzo and Soji are confused, but they bid farewell to Akame and leave to carry out a big mission.