WOWOW TV DRAMA: 5-nin no Junko (5人のジュンコ) KEI HANEOKA


  • MUSIC 音楽: KEI HANEOKA (羽岡佳)
  • CAST: Matsuyuki Yasuko, Mimura, Nishida Naomi, Aso Yumi

OFFICIAL SITE: 5-nin no Junko (5人のジュンコ)


Satake Junko has been arrested as the main suspect in the serial killing of 5 men. The news is making sensational headlines in variety and talk shows too. Tanabe Junko is a journalist who starts investigating into the murders, with the hope of getting a scoop out of it. She contacted Shinoda Junko, an ex-middle high school classmate of Satake, who claims to be buddies with her. Shinoda invited Tanabe to come up to her office for a chat. Meanwhile, having seen Tanabe on TV, Fukutome Junko, an ex-colleague of hers, called her up and invited her to her home. Tanabe paid her a visit, thinking she has a lead on the case, but instead, Fukutome, now a housewife, just keeps talking about her problem with the hierarchy within her company housing complex.Then one day, a man calls her, claiming that he may have been an intended victim of Satake. A man who is the son of another woman named Junko… (WOWOW)