WOWOW DRAMA: Megabank Saishu Kessen (メガバンク最終決戦) TAKASHI OHMAMA


  • MUSIC 音楽: TAKASHI OHMAMA (大間々昂) 
  • CAST: Shiina Kippei, Kiritani Kenta

OFFICIAL SITE: Megabank Saishu Kessen (メガバンク最終決戦)


East-West Imperial EFG Bank (TEFG), the megabanks that East-West Bank in the heart of the Imperial City Bank, EFG Bank was born through the merger in the Financial Services Agency (FSA) initiative. Since the merger, the Imperial City Bank origin who hold the initiative, hierarchy of each born bank remains strong in a row. Meanwhile, pre-eminent dealer of Mitsuyoshi Katsura (Kippei Shiina), although it is not in the Imperial City Bank-born, had been bought Schwann Noboritsume to the managing director of foreign exchange department. On the other hand, it is a further bank of the predecessor of EFG Bank, General Affairs Department of NaKyo bank born, which is positioned as the “bottom layer” in TEFG, Shohei Nihei (Kenta Kiritani) is not Kusse in such a hierarchy, too serious to I was striving to work.One day, and the purchase of ultra-long-term government bonds that have been made in the huddle with TEFG upper part and the Financial Services Agency officials, by the Japanese government bond market crash that occurred around the same time, suddenly TEFG fall into crisis of bankruptcy. For the company survive, Katsura and foreign funds that aim to TEFG acquisition with Nihei, confront the bureaucrats who conspire a conspiracy. Their fate to challenge the biggest of the big game!?

(Source: WOWOW)