WOWOW DRAMA: Good Good the Fortune Cat 2 (グーグーだって猫である2) BGM: REN TAKADA

Good Good the Fortune Cat MUSIC 音楽: REN TAKADA (高田漣)

CAST: 宮沢りえ, 長塚圭史, 黒木華, 前田敦子, 西田尚美, イッセー尾形, 田中泯

Rie Miyazawa, Keishi Nagatsuka, Hana Kuroki, Atsuko Maeda, Naomi Nishida, Issey Ogata, Min Tanaka

OFFICIAL SITE: good good the fortune cat (グーグーだって猫である2)

SYNOPSIS (from 1st season):

Asako (Rie Miyazawa) lives in Kichijōji, Tokyo. She works as a popular manga artist. Everyday, she is busy meeting deadlines, but suddenly her pet Saba dies. Since the death of her pet, Asako cannot draw or even eat. Her editor Omori recommends to Asako to try moving to a particular house. After she moves in, her life does not get better.

One day, when Asako walks in Inokashira Park, she meets a homeless person carrying a sick kitten. Asako wants to help the sick cat. Without telling the homeless person, Asako takes the cat to the hospital.