Tenshi to Akuma [天使と悪魔] – [Music: YUKI HAYASHI]


  • Directed by: Takafumi Hatano
  • Screenplay by: Yuya Takahashi
  • 音楽: 林ゆうき



Gouriki plays the role of a newbie police officer Makita Hikari who trusts others wholeheartedly, keeps making mistakes at work and ends up being sent to work in an insignificant position while Watabe plays Chajima Ryunosuke who is a lawyer with no morals and doesn’t believe in people. The two of them who are 24 years apart in age, form an unlikely alliance to crack unresolved cases in the Mikaiketsu Jiken Tokumei Koshoka by using plea deals to get suspects and the accused to testify against the true culprits responsible for committing the crimes.

(Source: Dorama World & wiki.d-addicts.com)