TBS TV DRAMA: Watashi Kekkon Dekinainjanakute (私 結婚できないんじゃなくて、しないんです) BGM: MASAHIRO TOKUDA

Watashi Kekkon Dekinainjanakute  MUSIC 音楽: 得田真裕 (MASAHIRO TOKUDA)

CAST: Nakatani Miki, Fujiki Naohito, Seto Koji, Omasa Aya

OFFICIAL SITE: Watashi Kekkon Dekinainjanakute (私 結婚できないんじゃなくて、しないんです)


39-year-old Tachibana Miyabi (Nakatani Miki) is a aesthetic dermatologist who dismissively declares, “I can get married anytime I want to”. She enjoys a fulfilling single life and has a condescending attitude. One day, she encounters the caustic owner Tokura Seiji (Fujiki Naohito) of a Japanese restaurant that she visits with her friends. He points out the reality that she is “romance-impaired (unpopular female)” with a triple handicap of beauty, career and age. At first, Tokura’s unexpected insolence enrages Miyabi and she leaves his restaurant. But when she faces up to reality, she has to confront being denigrated as “romance-impaired” in the romance and marriage market, and she is forced to listen carefully to the grudging advice of Tokura …

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