TBS TV DRAMA: Shitamachi Rocket (下町ロケット) SHU KANEMATSU, NATSUMI TABUCHI, 中村巴奈重


  • MUSIC 音楽: SHU KANEMATSU, NATSUMI TABUCHI (兼松衆, 田渕夏海, 中村巴奈重)
  • CAST: Abe Hiroshi, Tsuchiya Tao

OFFICIAL SITE: Shitamachi Rocket (下町ロケット)


Tsukuda Kohei, a man who gives up his career as a researcher to succeed his father’s manufacturing factory strives with his workers to overcome the troubles and pursue their passion in manufacturing.Though Kohei quits research at the Space Science Development Agency to succeed Tsukuda Manufacturing, he cannot leave behind his passion for developing rocket. The cost for developing rocket engine has put Kohei’s company in serious financial trouble. While he scrambles for funds, their rival company – Nakashima Industrial – sues Tsukuda Manufacturing for patent infringement. The company’s reputation soon goes down and banks refuse to finance them, but then one of the leading companies in Japan, Teikoku Heavy Industries, offers to buy a Tsukuda’s patent for 2 billion yen. Although the company is heavily in debt and desperately needs the cash, the patent is what the engineers put their dreams. Kohei – a president who is responsible for the living of his workers – faces a difficult judgement to make. (TBS)

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