NTV DRAMA: Itsuka Tiffany de Choushoku wo (いつかティファニーで朝食を) TARO MAKIDO


  • MUSIC 音楽: TARO MAKIDO (牧戸太郎)
  • CAST: Triendl Reina, Mori Kanna, Araki Yuko, Tokunaga Eri

OFFICIAL SITE: Itsuka Tiffany de Choushoku wo (いつかティファニーで朝食を)


Supplements, sweets, and canned coffee. Such is the breakfast of Sato Mariko, who has been living with her boyfriend for seven years. They started living together thinking that they could enjoy breakfast every morning with lots of love and smiles. Mariko rarely sees her high school friends, but one morning, they get together to talk about her boyfriend issues. Over breakfast, she decides to break up with him so she can find a new “Mariko.” And so her days of having ideal breakfasts begin. Noriko, Risa, and Shiori discover that they too can do something about their problems. Follow these four ladies as they face their various problems and grow, all the while enjoying delicious breakfasts. (NTV)

(Source: wiki.d-addicts.com)