NTV DRAMA: Ie Uru Onna (家売るオンナ) BGM (音楽): Masahiro Tokuda

MUSIC/音楽/BGM: 得田真裕 [Masahiro Tokuda]

CAST: Keiko Kitagawa, Ayako Imoto, Asami Usuda  

OFFICIAL SITE: Ie Uru Onna (家売るオンナ)


With the Tokyo Olympics just four years away, there is fierce buying and selling of houses in Tokyo. Sagenya Machi (Kitagawa Keiko) is a super saleswoman. There is no house that she cannot sell if it falls into her hands. Machi pokes her nose into the problems of clients and their families. At times she offends them, but solves the problems in unconventional ways and sells the houses that are the biggest purchase in their lives.

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