NTV DRAMA: Higanbana (ヒガンバナ) YUGO KANNO


  • MUSIC 音楽: YUGO KANNO (菅野祐悟)
  • CAST: Maki Horikita, Rei Dan, Jiyoung, Rin Takanashi, YOU, Daigo

OFFICIAL SITE: Higanbana (ヒガンバナ) 


Love, friendship, career, marriage, childbirth, childrearing…

Women who live in modern societies are faced with complex situations that drive them to become victims or perpetrators.Nagisa(Maki Horikita), the heroine, has the ability to “synch” with all the powerful emotions that linger in crime scenes.When this happens though, she blacks out. Even in her day-to-day life, she can hear people’s evil intentions and true colors and senses their lies and deception. That is why she always wears headphones in order to shut out people’s emotions. She works well with her colleagues at the Red Spider Lily unit, who are all brutally honest acid-tongued women with no qualms about speaking their minds.”Red Spider Lily” is an eclectic unit that includes a science geek, a single mom, and a woman who grew up abroad. Seen by many as a department that’s been taken off the main career track, Red Spider Lily turns out to be full of fabulous detectives!Crimes that women commit are almost always propelled by jealousy, maternal instincts, attention seeking, and envy — emotions that, for good or for worse, every woman possesses.This drama’s heroine, who hears voices that linger in crime scenes, and her colleagues solve cases using their female instincts.