NHK TV DRAMA: Suizokukan Girl (水族館ガール) BGM (音楽): AKIRA SENJU


CAST: Matsuoka Mayu, Kiritani Kenta, Sawabe Yu, Adachi Rika

OFFICIAL SITE: Suizokukan Girl (水族館ガール) 


It has been three years since Shima Yuka (Matsuoka Mayu) joined a large trading company. However, she makes many mistakes, is overfriendly and keeps getting into the black books of her boss. Yuka is eventually ordered to transfer to the affiliated Hamakaze Aquarium. Facing living creatures every day is a sharp contrast to the life of an office lady that she is used to and she constantly fumbles. Daily training with her senior Kaji Ryohei (Kiritani Kenta); geeky, taciturn Imada Shuta (Sawabe Yu); sisterly Yoshizaki Kazuko (Nishida Naomi); the cool head of the General Affairs Department Kurano Hisayuki (Ishimaru Kanji) and mysterious aquarium director Utsumi Ryotaro (Ito Shiro) is just like a typhoon. Even the dolphins that she is in charge of are uncooperative. Even so, Yuka runs into the wall with her naturally positive personality and begins to look more like a staff of the aquarium as she learns about the inner workings of her colleagues. However, a job dealing with living creatures is never something that practice and fighting spirit alone can solve …