NHK TV DRAMA: Juken no Cinderella (受験のシンデレラ) BGM: KENICHIRO SUEHIRO


CAST: Koizumi Kotaro, Kawaguchi Haruna

OFFICIAL SITE: Juken no Cinderella (受験のシンデレラ)


38-year-old charismatic Igarashi Toru (Koizumi Kotaro), a former lecturer of a famous preparatory school, has been given a year to live. One day, he happens to encounter Endo Maki (Kawaguchi Haruna) who attends part-time high school while juggling multiple part-time jobs. Wanting to graduate from high school so that she can hold a steady job, Maki appeals to Igarashi to teach her to study for the makeup exam. This fires up Igarashi who has lost pride as a teacher and the passion for teaching. Deciding that he will make Maki qualify for Tokyo University and get back at the world, he starts preparing her to pass the entrance exam in a year later.