NHK DRAMA: Toto Nee-chan (とと姉ちゃん) BGM: KOJI ENDO

Toto Nee-chan MUSIC 音楽: KOJI ENDO (遠藤浩二)

CAST: Takahata Mitsuki, Toshiaki Karasawa, Mitsuhiro Oikawa, Yamaguchi Tomomitsu

OFFICIAL SITE: Toto Nee-chan (とと姉ちゃん)



SYNOPSIS (google translate :))

Shizuoka Prefecture , Enshu born in, on behalf of the deceased father mother and protect the sisters “and the (father)” plays the role of a “door door sister” and called grow up Tsuneko Kobashi the (Tsuneko Kobashi) heroine to, before the war , after the war turbulent of Showa family of the three Yuku survived stretch of the era sisters chronicles and, they are in Tokyo for women in the magazine make the publisher launched the, become genius “soul partner” editor – Hanayama Isa next encounter with the (Isatsugi Hanayama), magazines draw a story of “your life,” the published lauded all over the world challenge [1] [2] . In addition to Shizuoka Prefecture, Tokyo after Tokyo Shenzhen is also the stage [3] .

Life comprehensive magazine ” Pocketbook of living is and publisher” Pocketbook’s life of founder Ohashi鎭子 and Yasuharu Hanamori the trajectory of the magazine publication of the motif , the motto “to cherish the natural life”, “after the war draw a story of hope to light the lights of the women living reconstruction of “, fiction becomes a drama original work of. It should be noted that the story is a configuration in which divided into the “post-war ed” and “pre-war edition”.

(Source: japan wiki)