NHK DRAMA: Nezumi 2 (鼠, 江戸を疾る 2) BGM: KENJI KAWAI


CAST: Takizawa Hideaki, Aoyama Misato

OFFICIAL SITE: Nezumi 2 (鼠, 江戸を疾る 2)


2nd season of NHK drama

Under the rule of Shogun Ienari, the samurais and the townspeople are all discontented and grumbling about their lot in life. Amidst all these, there lives a man by the name of Jirokichi, popularly known as Nezumi Kozo. Jirokichi runs a bar with the help of his sister, Kosode. Unbeknownst to everyone, Jirokichi and Kosode are always helping the victimised weak and poor from being bullied by the evil rich. (1st season synopsis)