Kamiya Genjiro Torimono Hikae 2 [神谷玄次郎捕物控 2] – [Music: GORO YASUKAWA]


  • Directed by: Katsuhide Motoki, Nobuyuki Sakai
  • Screenplay by: Motomu Furuta, Yu Tagami, Yoshiki Hori, Katsuyuki Nakamura, Yoshinori Watanabe
  • 音楽: 安川午朗



Kamiya Genjiro is a constable who patrols the streets of Edo, but is generally acknowledged a misfit in the Kitamachi Magistrate’s Office. His superiors’ opinions fall on deaf ears and he has become intimate with the proprietress of a restaurant which he is a regular. He identifies the real criminals and solves cases with his exceptional powers of concentration and deduction, remarkable intuition and insight. Each time a complicated case occurs, his colleagues will rely on him. Strange commotions, colourful characters and evil doers would appear before Genjiro. The secrets and malevolence lurking in people’s hearts are uncovered by Genjiro and his assistant, Ginzo.

(Source: Jdrama Weblog & wiki.d-addicts.com)