DoS Deka [ドS刑事] – [Music: AUDIO HIGHS]


  • Directed by:Satoru Nakajima, Yasuhiro Kawamura, Toshiya Nomura
  • Screenplay by: Izumi Kawasaki
  • 音楽: Audio Highs



An uber-sadistic female detective and her nice-guy cop—an unbeatable partnership?! A delightful police comedy is born!She has no loyalty to her organization and doesn’t follow any rules. She’s a detective who enjoys seeing people’s troubled faces. Her name is Kuroi Maya. She chose to become a detective because she thought she could torment bad people all she wants. With her sharp intuition, she finds the suspects quicker than anybody else. Beautiful but also a pain in the neck, she unleashes her sadistic ways to round up the bad people from society. This is a story about a never-before-seen uber-sadistic detective.Her unlucky partner? Daikanyama Shusuke, an officer who works in a police box. Caught in between a strong-willed mother and younger sister, he is constantly being pushed around at home. Shusuke and Maya have their chance encounter at a crime scene and the two end up as buddies.

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