BS Premium DRAMA: Kamogawa Shokudo (鴨川食堂) MASATO KAMATA


  • MUSIC 音楽: MASATO KAMATA (鎌田雅人)
  • CAST: Kutsuna Shiori, Iwashita Shima, Hagiwara Kenichi

OFFICIAL SITE: Kamogawa Shokudo (鴨川食堂) 


Young management-Date Hisahiko in Kamogawa dining room (Kento Handa) came. Relying magazine of a line ad that was turned up a cafeteria. Excellent had been subjected to was hungry Date Kyocera cuisine. We’ve quickly ate. It is proud of the “Random” cuisine of the store. Before long dark to (Shiori Kutsuna) to be called in to the detective office. While tracing the vague memory and begins to talk about meat and potatoes. Pebbles elicit tips needed to reproduce while indifferently question. And …. the investigation begins


(Source: NHK BS)