BS Premium DRAMA: Iyana Onna (嫌な女) KAZUTOKI UMEZU


  • CAST: Kuroki Hitomi, Suzuki Honami, Katsumura Masanobu, Takashi Tsukamoto, Furuya Ikko

OFFICIAL SITE: Iyana Onna (嫌な女)


Water and oil, the exact opposite of the two women. One is too serious a lawyer who lives in helping others. Fraudsters to live the other by changing the favor of the people in gold in superb Jikochu. Two people, so to speak coins of both sides.

Since the same age was the relatives, Tetsuko lawyer Ishida fall to end up working at the request of Natsuko scammer Kotani. Gimmick Natsuko is always at halfway the trouble continued, the role of the Shirinugui is Tetsuko. Two people continue to unsavory ties over two decades, it will become to soon not do without each other “comrades”. ridiculous but with somewhere lovable woman, Natsuko, the notice that there is something more important than victory in the money or trial while you enter between “victim” who Tetsuko. Life is not he wanted to, but does not discarded to, that there is worth living hard day-to-day. and “interesting and soon Sorrowful” life pattern weaves of people hit the chest. 



(Source: NHK BS)