ANIME アニメ | Kyokai no Rinne 3 境界のRINNE | BGM 音楽: 本間 昭光 (Akimitsu Honma)

ORIGINAL TITLE: 『境界のRINNE』  / Kyokai no Rinne 3rd Season / Rin-ne 3

  • BGM: 本間 昭光  [AKIMITSU HONMA]
  • PV LINK:  Kyokai no Rinne 3 (YOUTUBE)


3rd season of popular fantasy/ supernatural/ shinigami anime.

Rinne and Sakura’s wacky shinigami adventures continue, with the young shinigami trying to scrape together any money possible to survive. Their daily lives get more complicated with the appearance of Renge a shinigami-in-training turned damashigami who is in love with Kain.

(Source: ANN)